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We carry out building works in Mallorca. Both Business Space renovations as Home and New Building.

Construcciones Puchet offers a full range of services from large projects to small renovations, using high-quality and durable materials.
Currently, Puchet carries out an average of 80 renovation projects per year, with a high level of satisfaction from its clients. Counting with a team of professionals with extensive experience offers the best results, extended warranty, commitment and seriousness.


The remodeling of a house is a process of transformaton, as much spiritual as physical. WE DREAM together with the client the renovaton of each space and detail. WE DO THE JOURNEY together to this “new” place and help clients to choose all these things that make them feel home. Our guidance, a product of the knowledge gained through the years and the contnued training of the team, let us STAND BY the clients and customise each renovaton to their requierements, involving them through a lively dialogue and sharing ideas.

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Kitchen is the space to meet up with the family, the social center inside of our home, where we spend the most tme every single day. This common place should bring together comfort without compromising design and to be in tune with the rest of spaces. We assist the client in the optmal design by the hand of interior designers, using the best materials and technology that ensure the durability and wellness. Each project possesses its personal touch and it is developed in terms of tme necessary to provide it all details. One-of-a-kind experience.

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Who haven’t got great ideas in the bathroom meanwhile were having a shower? It is the place where we renovate our energy, where we become one with the force of water, where we purify and connect with our interior. Our experts and partners guide the client in the selecton of latest trends designs as well as sanitary ware, taps, cabinets and accessories, and through the process of combinaton and fusion with the rest of spaces of the living place, following the same decoraton philosophy.

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Do you want to increase the energy of your business place? It is tme to grow and sell more. Boost your business highlightng your locaton, make it visible and accessible for all, which ensures you 80% of success. Lots of testmonials of satsfed clients prove our experience in developing small and larger business facilites, creatng a new image and exclusive personality. Many of them trusted us the renovaton of their commercial places, which is the frst big step in their brand promoton. How many tmes you’ve entered a shop and you’ve felt great inside, peace running through your blood?

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The efciency of a team grows gradually when they work in a comfort and harmonic place, where their daily needs are covered. What could be beter than employees willing to work in a renovated and inspiring place? Changes that involve organizatonal and structural growth of teams, ofen come along with the need of office renovatons. We transform spaces in order to use them in the most proftable manner and at the same tme we introduce new trends in their corporate image. We refect the creatve personality of the company in its work place.

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The renovaton of a community building increases the wellness of its inhabitants and with this acton the value of property becomes higher. It is needed a great cualifed team, able to ofer the complete management and optmizaton of the processes, to be successful. We stand for the remodeling of the common spaces to get correctly-sized infrastructure and improvement of all necessary aspects, such as energy efciency and natural light use. Get inspired with us in your next project.


Your home is our objectve – it is about confdence, safeguard, shelter, protecton, shield, safety. We adapt us to yours needs through the optmisaton of the processes and customisaton of all details. Our Dream Team creates your Dream House – where you will always feel safe whatever happens. It is part of our essence, vision and will to provide you everything you need for a Dream Life, having all exclusive amenites. We introduce the last trends guranteeing high standards that remain in time.



We help you to covert your house in that comfort place, healthy and safe, where you can enjoy with your family and friends. We comprehend that small repairs are needed from tme to tme but you should have in mind that the proper maintenance of your property prolongs its life. Good care protects and increases the value of your property. Feel safe at home.



Call us at any tme you need assistance. You never know when you will require a professional service support. We make big troubles to look as simple issues. Our clients have the advantage of comfortable, fast and efectve solutons to every day care needs.

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